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  • The next Meeting of the members of the Enamelist Society will take place at the 2017 Conference at Arrowmont. Board members will give reports on the various aspects of the Society for which they are responsible, the financial report will be reviewed and election results for the new trustees will be reported. Other business as appropriate will be presented.
  • The Enamelist Society Board voted to establish a Harold B. Helwig Memorial Fund.  Funds will be used to support Exhibition awards, for student scholarships and for other Society educational activities.  All funded projects will be in memory of Bill Helwig and will honor his commitment to excellence in the art and techniques of enameling as well as in teaching. All donations are tax deductible.
  • The Enamelist Society continues to provide a professional point of contact for members and potential members, as well as anyone interested in information on enameling. The contact information is:

    The Enamelist Society
    PO Box 920220
    Norcross, GA 30010
    Telephone: 770-807-0142
    FAX: 770-409-7280


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